Hand Wraps & Inner Gloves

The trend of wrapping your hands does not seem to be fading. RDX hand wraps offer just about everything an athlete needs. Our hand straps are semi-elastic with the technologically advanced EZ-closure system intact. These boxing tapes are machine washable and incredibly durable. They are breathable with fast drying properties to eliminate the risks of chaffing and discomfort during use. Protect your hands with our Mexican-style stretch hand wraps and inner gloves that are affordable, and long-lasting. With a knuckle guard like this, your hands are ensured the best boxing protection that is also easy to maintain and clean.Cool designs and high-quality stretch materials make our hand wrap and inner a staple for safe training. Affordable and long-lasting hand wrap and inner is just what the doctor ordered. RDX has you covered with our hand wrap and inner for safe training. hand wrap and inner easily slip under any glove to give you the protection you need in the gym.

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