Head Guards

Protection never goes out of style. RDX head guards are thickly padded and feel great. Built for heavy-duty sparring that takes punches very well. The headgears offer smooth cushioning inside while maintaining supple grip. Superior ventilation technology further aids in moisture wicking that extends added comfort. Worth every penny if you’re boxing seriously.  Your head is in the right place with our head guards that are built for total protection without obstructing sight. Check out a variety of cool & affordable designs that were engineered for long-lastingness. These head guards will protect you during intense sparring sessions without hampering sight. Fight knowing your head’s in the right place with our  head guards. Superb leathers, double-stitching over compressed padding - RDX’s  head guards are will endure the harshest of storms. Our head guards will change your sparring experience forever. Minimum vision obstruction - maximum shock-protection, our  head guards will guard you through thick & thin. Get our super durable head guards today & get into the ring knowing your head’s in a safe place.

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