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RDX F6 2FT KARA Kids Punch Bag & 6OZ Gloves

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Color: Black
Filled-Unfilled: Filled
Size: 6oz
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Product Description

Begin your journey of a fitter lifestyle by integrating our newest punch bag especially designed for kids. Made from highly durable Maya Hide Lošrme Skin leather, this punch bag for kids retains its original shape for a longer period of time. Comes with ZippeX top closure for maximum fill potential and Nylon strap ensures to quickly set this punch bag. Bag features rustproof D shackles for a secure and sturdy ceiling mount that wonšt snap under pressure conditions. 6oz boxing gloves are made from Maya Hide convex skin leather to deliver extreme protection to your wrists. Max-ShockTM Equilibrium FOAM dissipates force perfectly across the glove to make it a top-notch shock absorber. Quadro Dome3 technology promises protection to the punch and a combination of Calibrated Impact Diffusion SHEET and SpongeX PADDING aligns your wrist. Built is enhanced with the help of latest Loma tech technology. Sweat-wicking properties comes from intelligently engineered QD-1 lining that gives required ventilation. Quick-EZ hook-and-loop strap provides a customized fit to give you a memorable home gym experience.

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS- RDX kidšs punching bag is forged using top-notch Maya Hide Lošrme Skin leather for extra durability. The 6oz boxing gloves have a combination of Maya Hide Convex Skin leather with SpongeX PADDING that gives extra resistance against high intensity force and shock-impact.
  • MAXIMUM FILLING WITH LOMA TECH- ZippeX top closure in kids punch bad gives maximum fill potential so you can easily add the filling material as per desire. 6oz boxing gloves comes with Loma tech for a more conclusive built gives secure and comfort fit.
  • NYLON STRAPS AND QD-1 LINING- Kids punch bag have 4 nylon straps to bear heavy load when hanging makes it a must-have product for home gym. QD-1 lining in inner glove provides enhanced breathability and sweat-free training experience. Long-lasting gloves keeps hands free from any odor for a longer period.
  • SECURE AND STURDY- Rust proof D shackles makes the bag secure and sturdy and it will never break during training at home and outdoor gym. Quadro Dome3 technology in boxing mitts with Max-ShockTM Equilibrium FOAM for perfect shock absorption.
  • QUICK-EZ HOOK & LOOP- Get the perfect wrist alignment with Quick-EZ hook and loop strap and mitigate every chance of pain due to wrong alignment. Kids punch bag comes with a vibrant design that will drive the attention of kids towards itself so that they will train with ease at their home gym.
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Color: Black
Filled-Unfilled: Filled
Size: 6oz