Anklet Sleeves

RDX Anklet support features a new unique design that offers firm and steady assistance from plantar fasciitis discomfort. These are intended to offer tight grip around your feet muscles which increases blood circulation and condenses soreness. To multiply the durability of our ankle braces, fine stitching expertise helps the ankle in providing stability and enhances the durability of the product. %SEP% These %ATTR% anklets are high-tech, protective and will hold you together. High-quality elasticated %ATTR% anklets compress and keep the integrity of the ankle in place. %SEP%%ATTR% anklets – gives keeping yourself together a whole new meaning. Elasticated with long-term memory stretch, keep your ankle safe using %ATTR% anklets. %SEP%RDX’s %ATTR% anklet can be used everywhere, during training or when healing. These hi-tech, elasticated %ATTR% anklets are made to protect and enhance.

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